Baby Massage in Islington

Baby Massage is taught by Katie Ruane BA BSc (Hons) MRN CNHC, who is a highly experienced Naturopathic Physician specialising in the treatment of Pre and Post-Natal women and babies. Baby Massage is delivered according to your needs and budget, either on a one-to-one private basis or in small groups.

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Along with teaching the baby massage routine, the sessions give ample opportunity to talk about any concerns and ask questions, with the goal of actively encouraging learning and understanding, which is integral to the baby massage process.

Baby massage is a wonderful technique for the father/partner to learn too, especially in the first weeks when the baby is so dependent on their mother. If required sessions, focus on fostering and strengthening the paternal connection.

Baby massage may help with:

  • Securing the baby and parent/carer bond, due to chemical release engendered during the massage.
  • Reduce and relieve colic
  • Aid digestion
  • Relax the baby
  • Reduce the frequency of colds
  • Help speed up recovery from illness
  • Improve hand eye co-ordination alongside the baby’s awareness of their body
  • Encourage brain growth as all the nerves under the skin are stimulated during massage

It's recommended that baby massage becomes part of the daily routine, it fits perfectly after a bath or before bed. It can be used every day from the day you learn it throughout childhood and even into adolescence.

One-to-One Baby Massage Sessions

The private Baby Massage course entails four sessions and each session is for one hour.

The sessions are delivered in the comfort of your own home (if you wish), so that the baby is in a safe, known environment and you don’t have the inconvenience of travelling.

If you would like to get out and about, then sessions can also be organised at the central Islington clinic on Essex Road.

Group Baby Massage Classes

Group Baby Massage classes are held in our central Islington location. The course comprises four one hour long sessions and class sizes are never greater than six.

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