Cranial Osteopathy for Children

Cranial Osteopathy for new born babies and children uses gentle and non-invasive techniques, with the practitioner using the cranial rhythm to help relieve trauma and symptoms of trauma that may have occurred during birth or in later stages of development. Specific gentle pressure is applied to the cranium, sacrum or other parts of the body as required to help release some of the stresses and strain patterns resulting form the birth process.

The birth process involves high levels of compression being applied to the baby as it moves through the cervix. Powerful contractions combined with the head having to move in several specific rotations and directions as the baby moves through the birth canal results in pressure and compression of the skull and some overlapping of the bones. Most of the compression and overlapping resolves spontaneously after birth, however in some cases, especially more prolonged or difficult births including those involving the use of forceps or caesarean births, the cranial compression resolution is incomplete. This may result in a variety of symptoms that cranial osteopathy can help to treat.

Some of the symptoms Cranial osteopathy may help to treat in babies and children include:

  • discomfort lying on their back
  • plagiocephally (flat or odd shaped head)
  • feeding/suckling problems
  • otitis media (glue ear)
  • colic or excessive crying
  • reflux or regurgitation
  • sleep disturbances
  • unsettled babies

Cranial Osteopathy for Children in London

If you would like to book a cranial osteopathic treatment for your child in London, or if you'd simply like to discuss how cranial osteopathic treatments can help your child's medical condition, please Contact us, we'd be delighted to help.

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