Cranial Osteopathy Treatment

Cranial Osteopaths treat people of all ages, professions and needs. Cranial Osteopaths treat new born babies, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, and manual workers to office workers to sports professionals, pregnant woman or postnatal conditions.

Patients come to cranial osteopaths with a range of conditions including back pain, pregnancy pain or postural changes, sports or work injuries, head aches, TMJ dysfunction or pain, menieres disease, some cranial nerve disruption or entrapment, sinus congestion, sleep disturbances and stress.

Cranial Osteopathy in children and babies tends to have patients presenting with problems including birth trauma or head trauma, plagiocephaly, scoliosis, colic, otitis media (glue ear), reflux, settling, sleeping or feeding or suckling problems.

Whilst cranial osteopathy can not as yet scientifically prove the ability to treat any of these conditions, there is anecdotal evidence from some patients that cranial osteopathy techniques have been helpful in relieving stress and tension and alleviating some of the problems associated with these conditions.

Cranial Osteopathic Treatment in London

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