Deep Tissue or Remedial Massage in London

London Osteo offers deep tissue massage, also referred to as remedial massage, in a range of London locations.

How is Remedial Massage Beneficial?

Remedial massage is based on the theory that most pain that people experience is myofascial in origin and that these soft tissues (muscles, tedons, ligaments and fascia) respond to touch. Hypercontracture of the muscles or trigger points (sensitive points within the contracted muscles) can refer pain to other parts of the body, reduce mobility and can cause pain such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain and sciatica. The pressure is deeper than in Swedish massage allowing greater relief of chronic muscle tension.

What Does Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Entail?

Remedial massage and deep tissue therapists use their in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology to carry out an assessment of clients and areas of pain and tailor treatments to alleviate pain producing muscle contracture and relive the pain and tension experienced by clients.

Treatments incorporate a variety of techniques designed to target both the deep and superficial muscles and is similar to sports massage. Oil or cream is applied to the skin to allow for better treatment of the deep muscles. Passive joint stretching is also used.

What Can Deep Tissue Massage or Remedial Massage Treat?

Remedial or deep tissue massage is an effective way of treating and preventing muscle injury and pain. It can also be beneficial in breaking down scar tissue.

Remedial and deep tissue massage can help with many problems associated with muscle tightness including some types of head ache, sports and dance injury rehabilitation, stress, postural problems, tennis/golfers elbow, general tension and stress.

The Benefits of Remedial Massage

The key benefits of remedial or deep tissue massage are:

  • Decreasing muscle contraction and relaxing muscles
  • improved joint mobility
  • easing of stiffness and pain
  • increased toxin removal from tissues (like lactic acid)
  • calming of the peripheral nervous system
  • stimulation of blood supply into affected areas
  • increased flexibility

Clinics in Convenient Locations

If you live or work in Central or North London, then we have a clinic near you, or if you live outside the North or South Circular, our clinics are conveniently located close to major Underground stations. In W1 London Osteo is based in Harley Street, and if you're in N1 then our Islington and Angel clinics are only a short walk from Angel Tube.

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London Osteo offer Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage in Harley Street, Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage in Islington and Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage in Angel.

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