Osteopathy for Children and Teenagers

Osteopathy for Children in London

As children start to go to school, other developmental issues may become apparent in the form of difficulty concentrating, reading or writing difficulties, speech problems and hearing difficulties. While osteopaths may not be able to ‘treat’ these conditions, there may be underlying imbalances that osteopaths can address that may be helpful in resolving some of the symptoms or help to support both the parents and children.

Osteopathy for Teenagers in London

As children enter their teenage years they undergo hormonal changes and rapid growth. It is also a time when children who participate in sports may incur injuries. For some teenagers this may lead to problems such as shin splints, knee or other joint pain, spinal asymmetry or scoliosis, head aches and anxiety. Osteopathy can be beneficial in helping to relieve symptoms of some of these problems as well as addressing underlying postural and gait problems that may be causing some of the problems.

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