Reformer Pilates Classes in London

London Osteo offer specialist Reformer Pilates Classes with fully trained Physiotherapists or Body Control Pilates Instructors, to small groups (up to 3 people) or individuals at our London Islington clinic.

Why Choose Reformer Pilates?

Pilates was initially designed to be performed on specialised apparatus called reformer machines. Generally students will start to add reformer sessions to their practice after around three months of Mat Pilates classes which provides a solid foundation to then work from.

The reformer machines have adjustable springs, a sliding base (the size of a mat), cables, bars, straps and pulleys that allows tension and resistance to be regulated during the sessions and allows students to perform exercises from a variety of positions.

What can Reformer Pilates do for You?

Students practicing regularly generally tend to notice visible improvements in muscle tone and definition sooner than those performing Mat Pilates. For certain medical conditions or injury rehabilitation, reformer machine based pilates may be more suitable, as the equipment allows for a greater level of exercise modification and also allows teachers to incorporate exercises that are not possible on the mat. The smaller class sizes also means students can receive a higher level of individual attention, with routines and exercises more specifically tailored to the needs of individual students.

Advice for Reformer Beginners

It is generally advisable for students who have not used reformer machines to start with a series of 4-6 private classes to ensure that they are able to use the machines safely and to provide tailored support and routines to address the specific needs of each student.

Pilates - Reformer Classes in London

London Osteo offer Reformer Pilates classes in Islington, contact us for more information or to book your place.

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