Pilates for Sports Injury

London Osteo offers patients a multi disciplinary approach to treating and preventing sports injury using shared knowledge across the team of Pilates Instructors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists. However, Pilates in it's own right is becoming increasingly popular as a powerful tool for sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Pilates for Sports Injury Prevention

Pilates focusses on the principles of improving core strength, flexibility and balance using low impact exercises demanding fine control of movement. The outcome is not only increased flexibility, strength and ease of movement but also improved neuromuscular control which essentially helps prevent injury in a wide range of sports.

Pilates for Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates is not only used as a tool to enhance sports performance but it is also a very effective diagnostic and rehabilitation tool for sports injury. The application of static stabilisation or isometric exercises before progressing onto more dynamic movements is not only ideal for building the often overlooked core stabilising muscles, but represents a safe and progressive path to recovery.

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