Osteopathy - What to Expect

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Your First Visit - What to Expect

On your first visit to an osteopath, your osteopath will normally start by taking a detailed medical history including important information about your current problem or injury, your lifestyle, general health, diet and about your home and work environment.

Your osteopath will then normally ask you to remove some clothing to expose the problem area and to perform a few simple movements to help your osteopath with their examination and to make a diagnosis. Please tell your osteopath if you 
are uncomfortable about this or you can
ask a friend or relative to accompany you and be present throughout your treatment. The examination may include osteopathic, orthopaedic and neurological testing. This allows your osteopath to formulate a diagnosis as well as a treatment and management plan which may include rehabilitation exercises for you to do at home. Osteopaths are trained to identify when a patient needs to be referred to a GP or for further imaging. If your osteopath thinks that your condition is unlikely to respond to osteopathic treatment or requires a second opinion, you will be advised about how to seek further care.

Your osteopath should make you feel at ease and communicate what he or she is doing. Do ask questions at anytime during your consultation if you are unsure. You are always welcome to bring a chaperone. Please note, if you are under 18 you must bring an adult chaperone to all consultations with Annabelle.

Please note that initial consultations will vary slightly between patients because osteopaths examine and treat each person as an individual and depending on what the problem is.

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